This map helps people find out how to get to the other lululemon stores as well as where to sweat, get a quick bite. It will be positioned in the store as a tool for communication with guests.


The map was to be presented on a tall and narrow board with a lot of information to display. The challenge was to organize the information intuitively and make it legible and clear for the guest to navigate.


The map has three sections to show the guest where to get a quick bite, where to find a studio to sweat at, and where to see popular sightseeing points in downtown and Stanley park. I used colour to organize it, with each section identified by a distinctive colour. The number on the map matches with the lists down below for easy navigation. In order to separate Stanley park, downtown and other parts of Vancouver, I drew trees and bridge illustrations to make the map simple for foreigners to easily understand the location.

Bridge Icons

Lions Gate Bridge
Burrard Bridge
Granville Bridge
Cambie Bridge

Colour in Use





Vancouver Robson Street Store
Vancouver Downtown